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That's interesting

I spent most of Sunday at Manchester's Museum of Science and Industry. (More later, when it will be put as a Highlight of the weekend.)

While I was there, I was sad enough to use their internet access to do a quick google for something and, "oh, while I'm here..." see what google came up with for 'chaps hiv' and other similar searches.

OMG! chaps.org.uk was number two! The official chapsonline.org.uk site was four!! Ha!!!

It wasn't so good for 'chaps bisexual', but it's early days and being #2 for the main search was going to be a Major Highlight.

But today... google has heard of the site (doing 'site:chaps.org.uk' shows that) but has none of the content. Wierd.

I'll have to have a look at the logfiles to see if googlebot's paid a visit between yesterday afternoon and today, and what happened when it did.

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