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It not a joke!!! It is the truth!!!

Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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mini me + poo
Buying a new m/b and CPU means I'll have a spare PC - before I offer it for sale elsewhere, is anyone interested in...

Intel P4/2GHz, 1.25 gigabytes of RAM, NVidia GeForce Ti 4200 64M/B graphics card, about 120G hard drive, 48x speed CD writer?

This spec translates as 'won't play the latest 3D shooter games, but anything a couple of years old should be fine'. If you upgraded the video card, even those should be playable.

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For how much?

Is it PC333Mhz RAM or PC400? (2700 / 3200)

Well I do need bits for a Myth Box I am going to build, so how much? What mobo is it?

It turns out that if I break it up, CEX will give me £129 for the CPU, RAM etc (and leave me with a case, processor fan, a USB2.0 PCI card + front panel, a floppy drive, and assorted cables etc!) and gives me the option of keeping the bits I could sensibly reuse (hmmm, I wonder if I could return the CD writer I installed in L12's PC at the weekend?)

This is more than I think it's worth - the new bits that I bought to have something twice the speed cost rather less than twice that - but simultaneously, I could use the vouchers (they're a good source of s/h software and DVDs) so I'm being tempted.

It's an Epox motherboard, with a few annoyances (like a non-upgradable BIOS, see earlier post).

Fair enough, I'd go with that option then as it sounds like a fair price.

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