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Morning thoughts

  • I've 'invented' two things in recent mornings, but I can only remember one of them. The one I can remember is the idea of a genetically modified STI as a form of contraception. It causes infertility, but has no other side-effects, including not being transmissible. When you want to be fertile again, you just take the right antibiotic / similar cure. All I can remember about the other was that it was communications or IT-based.

  • One side-effect of working where I do is that you can end up wondering if you know both parties in a 'scandal' that's featured on the morning news.

  • I have two PCs going into this monitor at the moment - I have one of the ones work had no more use for, so I can run DOS programs. It has two inputs, a DVI and the 'old' analog VGA. Switching between the two is easy, but it'd be good if there was also an option for that to activate the keyboard and mouse bits of a KVM switch too.

  • Yesterday, I swapped the CD drive in the older PC for a CD-R. Close the case, plug it all in... doesn't work. Swap the CD drive back, because I know that worked. Doesn't work now. Hmm, controller or cable? Put the CD-R back, but take the cable out of the hard drive and plug it into the CD-R. Doesn't work.

    Only then do I notice that the power cable I've been using for the CD is an extension, and isn't actually connected to the PSU. Ooops. Plug the other end into another power lead, and it works.

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