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It not a joke!!! It is the truth!!!

Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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What's better than an alarm clock?
mini me + poo
The woman co-presenting Today saying, just before seven, that Simon Hughes' (finally) coming out about having had both female and male partners means that he's "gay".

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Yeah, I caught that just before 8. I don't think they know the work bisexual. The problem is having denied it, isn't it? I saw Simon Hughes on some tv show a week or so ago and thought he came over very well. Hey! My bidar working??

Yeah that's been all over the news this morning. I can't believe they're saying he's gay because he's had sex with some men. WHat about the women in his life, or are they just discounted now that he's admitted to having sex with men?

Does the word bisexual not exist in the BBC's vocabulary?

Quite. He had "homosexual" relationships and relationships with women as far as I can tell.

(Deleted comment)
indeed - it's all profoundly depressing. I'm going to hear Ming Campbell speak in Bristol tomorrow night; wonder what he'll have to say about it all.

Well, you could always leave the sinking ship and join the tories now that they've become the new SDP. I was under the impression that the LibDems was made up of defected tories anyway.


Whoever you vote for Government wins

(Deleted comment)
Historty indicates that there are quite a few queers in far right organisations, so it's not all doom and gloom : )

Yeah, does seem like the ides of march has come early for the party, more like the idea of January.Does seem that he party isn't responding particualrly well to even a non-crisis, which doesn't bode too well for the rocky world of government.

I'm not a big fan of parliamentary democracy in the form or shape that we have here anyway, but I guess, as a strategy, it would make more sense to have a short term leader, wait for the next election, wehen there's more chance of a hung parliament or a close run race between labour/tories and then choose a dynamic leader with some fresh ideas and outflank the middle ground.

Yes, you're right, daveid cameron does look a bit like David Owen : )

What's paddy Pantsdown doing now ? Is he back from his imperial majesty post in Bosnia yet ?


Grrarr!! What is it with not knowing the word bisexaual unless you are talking about rebecca loos or basic instinct????? *rage*

Can't see what all the fuss is about, if he calls himself Gay, then what;s the problem ? Tom Robinson, does the same !

Or, are the objections that the Sun is calling him Gay and not Simon Hughes ???


you should be annoyed with simon hughes for hiding behind bisexuality when everyone knows he does NOT have relationships with women and has always been gay

the disenguity of the man is over whelming

Hmm, I've known two women who've told me they've slept with him.

Sailor Ted was gay too, wasn't he? Nobody made a fuss about him.

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