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Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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You know, I don't have very high expectations of The Sun
mini me + poo
But they've managed to sink to new depths. Today's front page:



[..] In an exclusive admission to The Sun, he apologised for twice denying he is homosexual.

He told me at his Westminster office: “I am perfectly willing to say that I have had both homosexual and heterosexual relationships in the past. [..]

Another one bites the pillow: page 6 & 7

The Press Complaints Commission is here.

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Actually I found "Another one bites the pillow" quite funny. Does that make me a bad person?

It makes me uncomfortable on a number of levels.

It suggests that

  • All homosexually active men have anal sex with other men. Leaving aside the research evidence, the NOTW story on Mark Oaten specifically included the comment that he didn't fuck, either way, with the escort

  • That being fucked anally hurts

  • That it's usually done 'doggy-style' or witht the recipient otherwise face down on a bed

  • And it harps directly back to Jeremy Thorpe / Norman Scott, where 'biting the pillow' was part of the latter's account of their relationship

(I can see that the uncomfortableness about the latter is not going to be shared by everyone.)

If the story had been Simon pulling out (ooh-er!) of the race, rather than coming out, I could almost begin to go 'ha ha'.

But as it is, what sort of incentive is it to anyone else, not just MPs, to come out about being gay or bisexual?

I must be naive cos I never even thought of your second point - I had always assuming the pillow biting was done in pleasure.

But you're right of course, it's just that I sometimes find the Sun wittier than I'd like to admit - they are good at what they do, after all.

No, it's - as far as the Sun is concerned - from the Norman Scott quote about having to bite the pillow to stop himself crying out with pain.

I saw this on the train and was completely appalled. I really was naive enough to think that that level of explicit homophobia wouldn't be possible.

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