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Because some of you watch some crap TV too

The mini-series V is, of course, utter crap.

But it had two redeeming features.

The first was a wonderfully sparse 'drum machine and single synth' theme tune which sounded like the composer had been listening to Ennio Morricone's music for The Thing.

The second was the pre-titles 'here's what you've missed' sequence for the last episode, complete with the 'Diana eating a rodent' scene and climaxing with one of the 'young human who's been shagging a Visitor' stars giving birth: "At first, the baby looked human, but then..."

Now, the Sci-Fi (urgh) Channel has been showing it. I haven't bothered watching it, but this afternoon announced itself as the concluding episode, so I was eagerly awaiting the first five minutes.

But... no birth scene, no 'baby looked human', no wonderful theme tune. This one sounds like the composer's been listening to (edit) Bernard Herrmann's North By Northwest score.

Did they change things or is it one of the other V series I'm remembering??

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