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It not a joke!!! It is the truth!!!

Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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CHAPS was very interesting
mini me + poo
More later, honest.

But first, a great unsolved mystery: why does anyone go to TGI Friday for a second time?

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(Deleted comment)
The serious answer is that a) it was by far the closest place to the hotel I was at and b) it so happened that the conference pack included a 'places to eat in Leeds' leaflet that had a voucher for a serious discount there.

The cocktail with lime marmalade in, and a waitress who understands about wanting my salmon steak rare. (May only apply to one specific TGI Friday, unless they've cloned her.)

I've been to the Edgware one more than once and somewhere else at least once, but years ago when the daughters were still at home. I think I have been with friends too. They were good with kids, it felt like a treat and had a range of things we liked. The drinks were good. The portions were huge.

I recall one birthday outing when me and daughters had a starter each and then were too full to finish our main courses. The waitress put the meat into carryout boxes and we had lunch for two more days.

My smoothie was flavoued ice.

The burger was clearly bought in at a 'made here' price.

The desert (the raspberry yogurt ice) had some raspberry content, but failed to be either a good sorbet or a good frozen yogurt.

I have not been for at least 12 years. The one I went to might be better, yours worse or the standard have dropped badly I suppose.


Bluerose just messaged me this! I think we might go. See if it is as bad as you said.

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