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Again! again!!

Just back from Thorpe Park, where the shock news is that they've managed to make X: No Way Out even more crap. It's a good idea: rollercoasters in the dark are fun (you can't see where you're going, so can't anticipate, so they feel more extreme) and backwards rollercoasters are fun (ditto), so why not do the world's first backwards in the dark one?

Well, because it might turn out like this one. You can get the idea of just how bad it is when I tell you that the highlight of the ride used to be walking inside a rotating cylinder on the way in. And that's gone.

But who gives a shit about that ride when Colossus is open - a ten inversions coaster. You go up, then down into a classic loop, over a small bump then into a double 3/4s loop, then two barrel rolls, with four rolls in one direction and one sharp roll in the other to finish.

As people may have seen from comments in H-L's LJ, I Do Not Do Queues at theme parks - waiting an hour to go on a ride lasting 90 seconds is silly. So if I tell you I spent over an hour and a half just queuing for Colossus today, you can gather that it's Rather Good. I did go on it seven or eight times mind you...

The rest of the park is much the same as last year - they've rebranded the river ride, but it's still crap - Eftling's is higher, faster and wetter. Here, you only get splashed when they squirt water at you. It was too cloudy to do Tidal Wave (a water spash where you get very, very wet) and the queue for most other things was too long. But who cares when you've got Colossus?

They are building a new coaster - a suspended one - and promising it will be the 'world's best'. Well, that's it - I'm renewing the annual pass.

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