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Mac Powerbook repairs in London
mini me + poo
A friend is beginning to have problems with her four-ish year old (it runs OS X 10.2) Powerbook, which seem to be related to the disk drive.

Any personal recommendations for repair places?

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I had a broken PB in London and Apple recommended that if I could survive until I returned to the states I should do it. I said it couldn't wait. They gave me 3 places in London but warned me that I shouldn't let the PB out of my sights, that if they said I had to leave it there overnight to wait for parts I should refuse and give them a small deposit instead.

I asked if they were considering re-certifying the repair places in London to fix this problem. They said "no".

So I waited until I got back to the states.

I know this doesn't help you much. Basically I would recommend you ship it to Apple and pay their higher repair prices. At least you know who's ripping you off.

There is no need, they can bring it into the Apple store in London, they do repairs and are obviously certified. *s

Actually, I've had really good experiences taking our Mac products into the Mac store itself, which has a section inside called the Genius Bar. They will advise you on your problems and you can decide whether it's worth spending the money to repair. If it's under warrantee or something really easy to fix, they might do it for free.

I had an iShuffle with a bad jack replaced for free and the warrantee extended another 6 months. We couldn't get our Quicktime program to work properly on our iBook, and they explained exactly what it was supposed to do and why. Turns out, paying for the upgrade didn't solve the issue because it was an incompatible file type, and they were totally upfront about it and didn't act like we were idiots for not realising it. Then our iMac wouldn't start after our prepay electricity ran out one morning. Jason couldn't get an appointment at the Genius Bar (they do work on an appointment basis and you can only book over the internet, not by phone) so he took the computer to the Mac store at Brent Cross instead of the central London store. All they had to do was open up the bottom with a special tool, hit a reset button, and close it back up. And they did it for free.

Go here and click on concierge for the Regent Street London store: http://www.apple.com/uk/retail/regentstreet/week/20060702.html
or here for the Brent Cross Store: http://www.apple.com/uk/retail/brentcross/week/20060702.html

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