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mini me + poo
Yesterday, at last I had time to look back on my LJ flist to see what happened while I was away.

I thought there was a limit on the size of the possible 'skip' back when repeatedly asking for "previous 15 entries", but it turns out that it's 'nothing past fourteen days'.


Anyway, I now have about 300 tabs of interesting posts to look through...

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I promise I'll get this off-line reader working at some point :-) I've got as far as submitting it to SourceForge - I just need to polish it off a bit.

Mine skips in 25 entry sets ... maybe the number of entries to a page is something I've set up at some point, but if so, I completely forget how or when ... just datapointing ... and delaying your catch-up fairly uselessly, I suspect. sorry.

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