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It not a joke!!! It is the truth!!!

Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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Quick update - family
mini me + poo
My mother died on Monday afternoon, aged 74. I'd been warned on the Sunday that her condition had detoriated since I last saw her (Thursday) so it didn't come as a big surprise.

I'm more or less ok, and realise that my sister who lives in the same town, has had it worse.

The bit that does upset me is the grandchildren issue - my maternal grandmother had her children early and got to see eleven grandchildren grow up, all but one basically happy. We had her. That's not been the case here, my neice and nephew are 13 and 14, and JoJo's still four, and it feels like both sides lose. It's also reminded me that I'm unlikely to see grownup grandchildren.

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Thinking of you and your family.

My condolences too. You are young to lose a mother. Surely there is every chance you will see your grandchildren, but someone close dying does shake your world.

Sorry to hear your news. I never met my paternal or maternal grandparents, and both my parents are dead, so if I ever have children, they will never see their paternal grandparents too. Also I'm nearly 40 and if I do have children, then the children will have older parents similar to myself, both my parents were in their 40's when they adopted me.


Thinking of you...*soft smile*

I'm really sorry to hear this.

and it feels like both sides lose.

Yep. My father's father died before I was born and my father's mother died when I was about 3. There are photos of me with her, but I don't remember her at all. My mother's father who died in January lived long enough to see two grandchildren get married, three of us graduate from university but not long enough to see the youngest two finish school:( My sister had a different relationship with our grandfather to the one I had - she only ever knew him as an elderly man, whereas I remember him and our grandmother living with us when I was pre-school age, and being taken to the shops and raspberry picking and stuff with him.

Very sorry to hear that, cheese. After years of reading your blog I still don't know you from a bar of soap but I'm sending my thoughts all the same.

Oh man, hon, I'm so sorry!! I feel for you.

Sorry to hear that. Will be thinking of you.

My deepest sympathy.

What you write about not knowing past/future generations resonates with what I have been thinking / feeling. I only knew two of my grandparents, and that as only a just teenager, and very little about family history.

This is where diaries and other ways of remembering are so valuable, and wanted so strongly by future generations. Real obituories, and funerals held as a meeting of old friends to grieve, but also to celebrate the dead. A community that remembers the past, and passes down tales to the future generations.

I'm really sorry to hear this.

*supportive thoughts sent your way*
There's never a good time to lose a loved one.

Sorry to hear this news. 74 is a pretty good age though, and I bet she had a wonderful life. *hugs* if you want them.

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