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Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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I missed seeing this two years ago but...
mini me + poo
Just over four years ago, I did a post about an article by Danny Finkelstein in the Times on 'why we should invade Iraq'.

Unfortunately, the site that mirrored the original article no longer does so, but my post has one of the three central accusations - "I am going to tell you three stories. You read them, and if you still think I'm wrong at the end, I will shut up about Iraq." - the torture and murder of the "the best-known personality on Baghdad radio", Amal al-Mudarris, for being rude about Mrs Hussein.

At the time, Google didn't have anything about her apart from Danny's article and the book he stole the story from.

It does now and it turns out that the whole story was crap.


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