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PC 'desktop' environments
mini me + poo
I'll ask 'why?' later, but first...

Poll #850181 Desktops

Linux desktops - which do you use?

Don't use Linux
other (named in comments)

Windows desktops - which do you use?

Don't use Windows
'Classic' Windows 95-2000 style
other (named in comments)
Didn't realise I had a choice

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In windows I usually turn as much of it back to Classic 2k style as possible, turn off all dancing pigs/hampsters etc and tell all the 'features' to GO away...

We didn't upgrade to WinXP until relatively recently cos of all the AnnoyingThings(tm). It's taken us a long time to learn how to turn all the shit off.

When my mum's new (grrr envy) laptop arrived last week it took me about 3 hours to kill all the bouncing, annoying, attention grabbing crap off the system entirely. The first thing to go was anything by Norton (die die die) followed by all of the Windows 'security' features. My mum has enough problem with the desktop/things staying still without windows/N popup feature death.

I almost never use Windows now. Only thing I use it for is updating my new to me Palm IIIc because the linux client keeps crashing and doesn't seem to work. I could probably do that in VMware if I thought about it...

I've got a photograph of Phoebe and I as a background... is that what you mean?

No, it's the program(s) that control things like 'where's the menu and how does it work', 'what do the windows look like' etc etc.

I use Linux on servers via a command line - no poncy GUI installed!

and my Windows looks like Classic because it is Windows 2000 - the Windows I use are either Virtual PCs on my Mac, or W2KAS via Remote Desktop Connection. Very occasionally I use XP on a VMWare on a Linux box via RDC, but that is nailed down to be as like W2K as possible.

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