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It not a joke!!! It is the truth!!!

Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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PC 'desktop' environments part 2
mini me + poo
While I'm having a post-fest :)

The poll about these was in response to having to use KDE (Linux) recently. You want flashy widgets? KDE gives you lots! Things fade in and out. No oportunity is missed to make it look 'pimped up'. Something in the taskbar shows some psychadelic display, because, well, you can never have too much eye candy, can you?

Erm, yes, you can.

There are some desireable programs that demand KDE - most of them named Ksomething - but demanding KDE makes them a lot less desireable for me.

One of the magazines did an issue on going from Windows to Linux recently and picked Kubuntu (KDE) rather than original Ubuntu (Gnome) not because it's more usable, but because it looks more like Windows.

Argh, because much the same applies to Windows XP's 'Oh, let's have rounded corners on our windows and neat effects and..' rather than just letting me get on with it.

Don't even get me started on Windows Vista. Never mind its 'bend over while we DRM your ass, because we can't trust you whereas you know you can trust us... err, anyway you're having it' attitude, it's the new user interface that means it's never going to get near a PC here. 3D angular translucent 'Aero' crap is still crap...

Ah, yes, the question. If you use KDE, why?

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i'll use kde shortly after hell freezes over. qt, and all that.


I don't understand KDE. I logged into it the other day and got so confused with the boingy bouncing shiny shiny complicatedly overconfigurated mess that I got pissed off and logged back into gnome.

At least OSX does it's over-shinyness consistently and isn't complicated to the point of pain - then again it isn't as configurable as I would like and and and.

Saying that I now have to unbreak the bootloader (my own fault for breaking it) on my G4 before I can load back into the new Ubuntu install and see how KDE crawls on that for amusement. Gnome Ubuntu is surprisingly fast and beats the pants off even earlier OSX versions (10.2) for speed and responsiveness.

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