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It not a joke!!! It is the truth!!!

Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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Got Pipex DSL?
mini me + poo
You probably want to read the series of posts starting here... and continuing here, here, here, here and not yet finished...

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Your second link has a ".finished" in front of the URL.

*goes to read* as we have Nildram which became Pipex.


I'm not sure how connected to Pipex that Nildram are these days, I know there was a takeover but they may still be reasonably autonomous.

I must say that the 'lax' attitude is somewhat worrying, but then we're in a world where TalkTalk and Orange and whoever else are providing 'FREE' broadband which takes 1-6 months to set up, and breaks for weeks on end taking the phones with it.

ADSL has no SLA, but after 5 days with pisstakery like that I'd be waiting for a fix and cancelling my contract immediately. It reminds me of the customer service hell I had with Genie in 2001 - 3 days to read/answer an email, half my emails got eaten by the autoemail reader/replier and Genie mobile wouldn't speak to Genie Internet when I couldn't check my account balance etc. I only stuck with them because I wanted the 'unlimited' SMSes which they had back then.

Over the past couple of years, I've felt somewhat blessed to have had my provider.

They've never moaned about the volume of traffic - just downloading a combination of Ubuntu CDs and Windows security patches would put me way over some people's limits, never mind the p2p usage - and it was installed at a time when you had to get BT to do it. So when something went wrong a couple of years ago, they got BT to replace the wire from here to the onstreet box, then test every link between there and the exchange until they found the best one and use that. I think we had two BT engineers full time for two days. Try asking for that with today's self-install, and they laugh.

Sadly, they've been taken over by someone else and we'll see what happens. But it is noticable that I wasn't the only one who loved their customer service - I even saw them mentioned in a report on the situation in the US: 'in the UK, one provider blah blah blah...'

(Link fixed, thanks.)

Sadly, I signed up for a year's Pipex in..September I think. I had been paying 23.99 and was going to move when they, after ineffective customer services that really annoyed me, finally offered it for 14.99 if I signed for a year. I didn't want to and I also had to go down in speed, but they said my line didn't get the higher speed anyway. It was just a hassle to change email address though as I use it for many things and in the next 6 months or so we'll hopefully move to Spain some of the time and I won't want a full-time adsl here. I need to sort something out for then though and I suspect it won't be Pipex.

Why anyone uses their ISP-provided email address for any important email contacts is beyond me.

Once upon a time, you had little choice. Now you can have your own domain, and point the email coming to it anywhere, for a couple of quid a year, and/or use gmail et al.

I have gmail. I did think of changing everything to it but ..inertia.

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