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It not a joke!!! It is the truth!!!

Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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Not getting much Yahoo Groups email recently?
mini me + poo
SORBS, one of the 'here's a list of IP addresses we think are sending spam - you want to block these' groups have added to their list recently.

Guess which is one of the IP addresses used by Yahoo Groups?

A quick look reveals that they're not alone in this, but most such lists don't think it should be included.

Unfortunately(?) SORBS is used by several UK ISPs as part of their anti-spam effort, so they're happily rejecting - with a 'hard bounce' which Yahoo interprets as "Don't send me any more email, ever" - Yahoo Groups emails.

The solution is to log into Yahoo and give it another email address to send stuff to. Gmail/Googlemail appears to be OK. Then look up the pages for the various groups you thought you were on, and see what you've missed, grrrr.

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That may explain the lack of posts on some lists I am on...

However, I am with 1 & 1 and have a bitch of a time with SORBS sometimes...

But yeah, some groups are okay, others are deathly silent.


Yahoo is having some major spam issues at the moment. They've just implemented a captcha system for outgoing emails: it doesn't trust that you really are the same user who has been using the same account for the last seven years, now they want proof that you are a human being before sending the message. Quite annoying.
I think it might be time for the Gmail switch.

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