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Battle of the what?
mini me + poo
On the way home, at JA's request we listened to a bit of Radio 2, with 'Whispering' Bob Harris thinking of the money and apparently covering for Chris Evans.

It turns out that Radio 2 are currently having a competition for the "BEST BRITISH BAND", like ever and there's a shortlist of five.

Come on, the first four are easy: The Beatles at number one, then stick The Who, The Rolling Stones and Queen in whatever order you like.

Hmm, what to have for number five? It's quite difficult...

Then he mentions that Take That are on the shortlist.

Erm, excuse me. Take That are certainly a popular 'group' but not even their more rabid fans would call them a 'band'. Bands play instruments, as in the sort of 'backing band' TT relied on from day one.

If we're going to ignore that, let's ignore 'British' and stick Kraftwerk in at number two.

Oh, looking at the website, it seems the Radio 2 audience thinks both Oasis and Take That are a 'greater' band than The Who. What's scary is that these people have votes in more important elections.

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the more I listened to the beatles over the years. the more they fail to impress me. St pepper is not the greatest album of its time and the did not invent Psychedelic music. What Pink floyd and Hendrix did with studio recording are helve a lot more innovating than Martin welding on classical instruments and a bit of backward tape.

Hmm, while both of those are true, it's things like their development, song-writing skills, and influence which make them #1 for me.

Pink Floyd are a contender for fifth.

'Band' surely has an older use simply as a group of people - think on Robin Hood and his merry band, etc.

These charts are always a giveaway as to the average age of the voters. Most R2 listeners are, I bet, under 50. Lots of them won't remember the Who - I don't, I only know them as the ones who do CSI theme tunes, and that because the subtitles told me so.

If you think of their influence on the last 15 years, which is all half the voters are going to know about, then I have to admit Take That and Oasis are strong contenders.

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