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Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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We are all in the gutter...
mini me + poo
... but some of us aren't watching 'Celebrity' Big Brother.

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Wouldn't touch it with a barge pole...

I'm not watching (never have)but

Every news programme, even R4, has bits showing and items about it and current affairs programmes have phone-ins and all the newspapers have long articles on it. It's hard to avoid.

Re: I'm not watching (never have)but

It's easy to avoid if you have no TV.

I don't watch any of the "I'm a celebrity and I'm losing publicity so put me on television to act like a twat" programmes. Sadly my sister and dad's family do - and talk about all the people on them as if they are important or matter or something...

I have got to the point of saying "I don't watch this shit, so I REALLY don't care! OK?" and if that doesn't work I walk off.

There's part of me that wouldn't have minded seeing Christine Hamilton have nasty things done to her.

And I did see the clip of Rebecca Loos and the pig on another programme.

It does help that I can't hear them *grin*.

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