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A night with Nicole Kidman
mini me + poo
Not as stunning as seeing her in The Blue Room a few years back, but still...

The (cheap) Prince Charles cinema had The Others and Moulin Rouge, and as I'd not seen any of one, and only highlights of the other, I went.

The Others was very good, and even if the ending was guessable over an hour before the end, the journey was still fun. I wonder if it's watchable twice though. Some 'twisty' films are (eg Usual Suspects, House of Games) because of the depth of the script and vision, but most are not. A few aren't even watchable once (Dead And Buried springs to mind, and made a much better novelisation than film.)

Moulin Rouge was... well a disappointment really. Part of the problem is that, while the opening fifteen or so minutes of Strictly Ballroom are utterly fabulous, the film wouldn't work if that speed and style were sustained. And that's what he tries to do here. Add that to a conceit that can work for the odd joke - using pop lyrics as dialogue - and trying to extend that to two plus hours as well. Then throw in a miscasting or two, including Nicole!

Well, the result was always going to be risky. There is much to like (particularly Jim Broadbent, and the Duke being played as a Peter Wynguard character) but ultimately, it doesn't really work.

I'd bet the shooting ratio - how much more was filmed than used - was huge, especially for the musical numbers. And unlike Bob Fosse, the effort spent editing doesn't really satisfy.

So if you want a musical set in a decadent nightclub, go for Cabaret instead - the songs are better and it's even queerer than MR. And if you want to see Strictly Ballroom again, it's on BBC1 on Sunday night.

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Good sir, that is fighting talk where I come from!

Hmm, I didn't see the twist in The Others. Well, I got the part with the servants, but I didn't make the leap.

As for MR, I still think it rocks, and can't agree about NK being miscast. I'm interested to hear who you think might have done it better.

It's definitely a film you can't just watch and let it pass you by, everyone I know who has seen it has either loved it or hated it. (more hate than love, I will admit)

The fog helped... (I liked the end credit for something like meterological advice!)

I don't think I'm in either camp for MR. In small doses, much of it is wonderful. Just not in one two hour-plus lump. As to who would have been better, hmmm...

The two DVD 'special' looks as if it does indeed "set new standards of presentation" -- I'd be particularly interested in hearing the two commentaries -- are you prepared to let it out of your hands for a day or two?

You can borrow it, sure. Hmmm, how to get it to you is a whole other question.

Hurrah, at last someone else feels like me about Moulin Rouge! I'd begun to think I had missed something important, and was biting my tongue when people voiced their opinions of how wonderful it was.

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