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The Gondoliers at ENO

Quote 'Metro offer' at them and tickets are £20 for Sat 24 / Thu 29 / Sat 31st March. The top price would normally be £83.

I've not bothered to look at reviews for this - I knew I wanted to see it, and if it doesn't look very good, you can always close your eyes :)

The offer's not available online, but www.eno.org's booking system does show which seats are available, so you can say, as I just did, "I'd like that one in the centre stalls, on the aisle...", press the refresh button and see it move from being available to taken.

It does make me remember David Senior - a gay Young Liberal who was reknowned for his bow-ties, standing for President of the party against David Penhaligon, and who was murdered in Prague a few years back. He managed to get Companies House to let him set up Duke of Plaza-Toro Ltd...

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