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It not a joke!!! It is the truth!!!

Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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The perils of getting to three
mini me + poo
Robocop was great. If I could ever squeeze all the great films into a 'top 100' list, then it'd be in the top 25... OK it'd be along with about fifty others, but even so :)

Robocop 2 was, well, patchy. Somewhere, there's doubtless a fanedit that loses the misses and keeps only the good stuff... including the scenes demonstrating the problems of trying to load too much into a film cyborg. If only they'd taken notice.

Robocop 3 was crap, a straight to video abomination.

Now, we have Pirates of the Caribbean getting to number three.

The Curse of the Black Pearl was great.

Dead Man's Chest was, well, patchy. Some good bits (the escape from the cannibals with the mill wheel chase, and everyone trying to steal the heart) but over an hour too long.

At World's End is... well, it's better than Robocop 3, but not by much. Again, it's at least an hour too long. And where's the highlight? There are a couple of amusing jokes, and the climatic fight features some nice effects, but this is a swashbuckler, and where's anyone even close to the sword fighting skills of Basil Rathbone? (Oh, and if I were Ennio Morricone, I'd be asking for a slice of the music royalties.)

Not everyone agrees, of course. It's currently rated at 7.8 out of 10.0 on imdb.com, compared with 8.0 for the first and 7.4 for the second. Incredible. Even more so given Robocop is 7.3?!?

Somewhere, someone is working on a fanedit that will give the world #2 and #3 combined in well under three hours, probably nearer two. And it'll be much better than either.

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I've just seen the second one, and thought it better than the first...

Although I enjoyed Pirates Two and Three, I still feel the first one is the best. Yes, the third one is too long. The second one at least had that beautiful slow motion scene where Capt. Jack charges into the Kraken and goes down with the ship. And if you stayed until after the credits of the third one, you are rewarded with a flash-forward 10 years scene where they don't even both to age Kiera Knightly one second. Bah.

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