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It not a joke!!! It is the truth!!!

Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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While people are celebrating the end of one bigot...
mini me + poo
... another one quits journalism.

Julie Burchill, one of Britain's best-known and most acerbic newspaper columnists, says she is quitting journalism.

Burchill, who finished her last regular journalism job as a Times columnist over a year ago to take an extended sabbatical, told MediaGuardian.co.uk she has no plans to return to the industry.

She will instead concentrate of writing books and TV scripts and finally undertake a theology degree.

Burchill is writing two commissioned TV scripts, one with former Daily Mail writer Sara Lawrence, and a book about hypocrisy. She is also promoting Sweet, her sequel to the teen novel Sugar Rush, due out in August.

"Next year I finally hope to do my theology degree. I don't need to do journalism anymore, because of all the money I made from my house. Thirty years is enough," Burchill said.

Burchill said she decided not to return to the Times after selling her Brighton property to developers for £1.5m.


Last year, Burchill and Lawrence launched Dumbass Inc to pitch reality TV ideas to TV networks.

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