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Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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While people are celebrating the end of one bigot...
mini me + poo
... another one quits journalism.

Julie Burchill, one of Britain's best-known and most acerbic newspaper columnists, says she is quitting journalism.

Burchill, who finished her last regular journalism job as a Times columnist over a year ago to take an extended sabbatical, told she has no plans to return to the industry.

She will instead concentrate of writing books and TV scripts and finally undertake a theology degree.

Burchill is writing two commissioned TV scripts, one with former Daily Mail writer Sara Lawrence, and a book about hypocrisy. She is also promoting Sweet, her sequel to the teen novel Sugar Rush, due out in August.

"Next year I finally hope to do my theology degree. I don't need to do journalism anymore, because of all the money I made from my house. Thirty years is enough," Burchill said.

Burchill said she decided not to return to the Times after selling her Brighton property to developers for £1.5m.


Last year, Burchill and Lawrence launched Dumbass Inc to pitch reality TV ideas to TV networks.

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