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Being tempted by an iPod?
mini me + poo
Coo - the Sandisk Sansa e280 8G byte flash memory video/mp3 player is now under £75 at Amazon.

I bought one of these for L at £120ish around Christmas, and she's been delighted with it. I almost bought one recently when the price fell to £99, and I've just done so now it's gone down even further.

As well as being £30 cheaper than the equivalent iPod nano (£45 cheaper than the latest ones), it also appears to your PC/Mac as a USB disk, so you don't need to faff with iTunes or Apple trying to stop you using anything else.

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iTunes is /evil/.

That looks like it has a decent interface, I actually hate the iPod interface. I will keep an eye on that for anyone I want to recommend a smallish MP3 player for.

FYI, if you set an iPod to "enable disk use", I don't think you have to use iTunes.

(I know you can then drag objects in using Explorer/Finder/other OS equivalent - whether or not that can include music/videos that are then playable on the iPod, I don't know, as I just use my USB stick, and I don't have my iPod with me to experiment.)

Dont forget to mention

You can expand the storage aswell using the MicroSD card (I have 2Gb in mine)

And the built in radio.
And the built in Mic.

I have one (plus the docking station thing) and had one for the year (got mine from Singapore).

Love it, just about to get some bluetooth headphones for mine.

Quick one - do you still have the installation / conversion disk for yours? I lost mine and like its handy video conversion software for it... I dont suppose you can see if you can zip n email or zip and ftp it?
You dont seem to be able to download that part of the software from Sandisk.


I haven't bothered with the MicroSD card, partly because of not having one :) and partly because 8Gb is 'enough' combined with a PC for backup.

The radio is, slightly annoyingly, not in European models. But I can live without it.

Being able to record things like interviews discreetly is very useful!

Erm, I'm sure we do have the original one's somewhere, but it's probably easier to wait for the new one (ETA Friday or so).

...I remember now thats why I bought mine from Singapore...

Or rather, a client went over there and I sent him with a shopping list :-)

But yeah, if you could drop me a note when you get it that would be spot on.


Arrived this morning - it's about 30Mb for that bit.

A CD in the post (when the post starts working again) or a big email?

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