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My 'Bug' radio has let me down for an as yet unexplained reason and it's failed to record the ENO Carmen that was on R3 this evening.

Did anyone grab it?

I know there's a video available for a week, but the sound quality is unlikely to be as good.

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(Deleted comment)
Should be, perhaps, but isn't. Just as Desert Island Discs isn't included, broadcast operas very rarely are.

Main Radio3 page:

Carmen from the ENO

Watch Sally Potter's exciting new production of Carmen for the English National Opera, online from 6.30pm on Saturday 3 November 2007.
Listen to it on Opera on 3.

Following the 'listen to it' link takes you which gives you the bad news. This is a production you want to listen to, not see :)

Plus the audio quality of 'listen again' is not always what it should be - they tend to use Real(spit)Media (anyone reading this should at least look at Real Alternative which lets you play this without the crap Real bundle in) and it depends on the quality of your link at the time, rather than being what was broadcast.

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