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Lazyweb: when ext3 fills up

I have a dual boot Ubuntu 7.10 / Win XP x64 setup. Both have two partitions: the Ubuntu one has a /home partition and an 'everything else' one (this makes updates easy - all the user stuff is left untouched).

But alas, it now reckons the /home partition is 100% full. Now Ubuntu 7.10 is a lot better at accepting this than earlier versions were - you can log in and get a GNOME desktop, for example.

Annoyingly, deleting several gigabytes of files is having no effect on the (lack of) free space.

The ext2fsd 0.31a driver allows me to access the /home partition from Windows and it reckons there's now 13 or so gigabytes free on it. If I were feeling brave, it'd let me write to it.

But Ubuntu is adamant that it's full, and even using the recovery console boot to have a poke around as root can't find 13 gig of hidden files. I've umounted it and run fsck, forcing it to check the otherwise 'clean' partition, and it reckons all is fine.

Any suggestions?

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