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I don't want your email just now... try again later

To drastically cut down on spam, most of the domains I have are set to silently discard1 mail to anything except a specific name or two, plus the RFC mandated postmaster@ and abuse@ addresses.

Annoyingly, several of the domains get tons of spam to postmaster@, so I've finally got around to setting up a greylisting system. If the mailserver hasn't seen email from a domain before, delivery will be delayed for a bit.

The theory is that 'real' email is sent by systems that will try again soon and thus prove they're 'real', whereas most spam is sent by systems that can't be bothered to do so. There are some exceptions to both of those, so this is a bit of a test period to see if anything I do want is sent by systems that don't try again for some reason. Some examples are widely known - Yahoo's groups server is one - and automatically accepted, but if I don't respond to your emails, please try commenting here.

1. As most spam has a fake 'from' address, bouncing it is a waste of time. There's vastly more spam than misaddressed mail, so sadly anyone sending the latter will never know it was chucked straight into the bin.

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