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It not a joke!!! It is the truth!!!

Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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mini me + poo
Do any PC owners have...

a) A dual-boot Win 2000 / Win 98SE system? Any gotchas to watch out for? (Apart from the obvious one of sticking the different versions in different directories...)

b) DivX 5 working for encoding? DivX 5 movies play ok here, and when I had DivX 4 it used to encode, but now if I try to get FlaskMPEG to use DivX 5, it complains it can't open the output stream.

The Mac problems remain - I can get it working (up to a point) one day, then next week - without having turned the machine on, never mind changed anything - it won't boot successfully. Presumably this points to something like a battery failing? But it won't boot even if I do Control-Option-R-P to clear the battery backuped RAM.

And the Mac emulator I've got running (SoftMac2000) won't run the sodding database program (Helix Express) I need - it shows the splash screen then 'watchface cursor's me indefinitely....

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Well - Dual boot win2k / 98 - 2K performance will suck like group of bisexual men at the block. (or so I gather).

As to Flask etc etc

Why not just use easydivx?

Found at http://easydivx.does.it

I use that and it never fails - Wicked piece of software!



Hmm, 'not at all' based on the recent visit then? :)

More seriously, why would that be? Using FAT rather than whatever MS's other file system is this week?

The problem is that, in common with most other people, I have hardware and software that won't work under 2000 - thank you MS for changing driver formats again (somewhere there's a page that points out that they do this in order to keep everyone else running about trying to support the latest MS attempt to get it right, rather than doing something that might compete with the evil empire...)

Thanks for the EasyDivX link, looks interesting!

Heya there Ian,
Errm - Yeah - LOL - Just seen a report on djm4's diary (who I don't normally look at), but no one else on my friends list has written a report - So - DOH... Heh - My analogy falls flat on it feet for this week...
But regardless - For some reason I have found Win2K / 98SE dual boot & 2000 upgrades from 98 systems really do just blow chunks when it comes to performance - We have this at work - My boss decided he couldn't be bothered doing fresh installs on 2 generations of computers, and decided to just upgrade them. They are P2-450's and p3-667's with 128Meg of RAM. - I set up a generations worth of computers - p2-266's - and running only 96Meg of RAM, their perfomance in loading and booting times outstripped those of the other machines.
(even with FAT32 or converting to NTFS - I think its the legacy stuff that gets dragged over generations that causes problems).

I don't know why it does it - But its come up in a course I recently attended. I don't know the solution, and maybe its to do with networks - But then - the only people who I have generally run into the problems with are sysadmins like myself.

Give it a shot -

Just out of interest- What are you trying to run under 98 that doesn't run under 2K?

As to EasyDivX - Just give it a whirl - and before you know it you'll be knocking off DVD's quicker than you can rent them hehehe.



This is odd.

The first time I posted this it told me it couldn't determine arguments and had lost the post.

Now its back - So apologies for the double posts - I couldn't be bothered instantly retyping straight away, hence the slightly different answers.


Now Livejournal seems to be losing cookies now aswell.



Oh well - 2 answers for the price of one.

Heya there Ian -

Yeah - Seems my analogy fell on its arse a bit according to DJM4's LJ anyway - Doh.

I think the Windows 2000 / 98 problems come from something 98 must "insert" or leave behind or something that interfere's - Probably legacy systems or something. I have a P2-266 with 96 meg of RAM running 2K&NTFS that out run's machines with 98 involved that are 2 and 3 times the "numbered" performance (p2-450 / p3-667's) with 128Meg of RAM.

What kind of stuff is not running on 2K that does under 98?

The only things that I have ever encountered that dont run under 2K from 98 are generally quite old legacy hardware (parallel port scanners), or software that requires protected memory DOS environment.

You can sometimes however bodge NT drivers for 2K - if that helps.

As to EasyDivX - You'll be ripping DVD's quicker than you can rent them :-)


(BTW - Did you get my e-mail?)

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