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Do any PC owners have...

a) A dual-boot Win 2000 / Win 98SE system? Any gotchas to watch out for? (Apart from the obvious one of sticking the different versions in different directories...)

b) DivX 5 working for encoding? DivX 5 movies play ok here, and when I had DivX 4 it used to encode, but now if I try to get FlaskMPEG to use DivX 5, it complains it can't open the output stream.

The Mac problems remain - I can get it working (up to a point) one day, then next week - without having turned the machine on, never mind changed anything - it won't boot successfully. Presumably this points to something like a battery failing? But it won't boot even if I do Control-Option-R-P to clear the battery backuped RAM.

And the Mac emulator I've got running (SoftMac2000) won't run the sodding database program (Helix Express) I need - it shows the splash screen then 'watchface cursor's me indefinitely....

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