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Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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50 Greatest Magic Tricks
mini me + poo
Although my video of this programme has been watched about three times, I've not been around for all of it when that's happened.

Does it include my favourite Penn & Teller trick? Woodchipper chugging away on stage, they drop a log into it to demonstrate that it works, and woodchips fly out. They produce a live rabbit, stroke it... oops! it goes into the woodchipper, complete with red stuff flying out.

Do they produce the rabbit, alive and well?

No! Penn says, "So what, it's only a rabbit!" and they move onto the next trick. Fabulous.

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Love it!

Didn't see all of it, and in particular that trick.

But hahahah

Funny stuff :-)

I wish I could get that on AVI / MPEG or something!

(And kazaa doesnt give me anything either!)

But even though it's 'only a rabbit' I bet they didn't do it for real, such would be the furore.

I'm getting tired of seeing David Blane do the levitation. It's a sneaky camera trick.

Oh sure. But it's the slight element of doubt that's fun.

In one of their books, they tell the story of a trick they were going to do on Letterman: take Letterman's watch, smash 'it', then produce it. From inside a fish. From inside a fish swimming in a tank, which would be taken out and killed.

"You can't do that!" said the TV people. So someone killed about ten fish before the cameras rolled, so it could be taken out of a dead fish on a slab. Ten fish dying was ok, because it wasn't on TV.

It's noticeable which angle you see the levitation from, and which you do not.

'Playing with your food' - wonderful book, I remember that one.

Yeah, when he get's the street audience's reaction they're always standing behind him and to one side. :o) I think we can deduce that one.

Have you seen Jerry Sadowitz's "David Bland" sketches? I think he reckons Blaine's overrated too.

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