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Why couldn't that have happened earlier?

1. I've been very impressed with the latest Ubuntu release since its alpha release days.

The one exception relates to my wireless card (a ralink based one) - using it was leading to kernel panics ('blue screen' lockups for Windows users). Fortunately that seems to have been cured by installing 'backports modules' (i.e. an updated version of the drivers). Hooray, but...

2. In the snooker semi-final against Stephen Hendry, Ronnie O'Sullivan was simply awesome. No-one else has ever won twelve frames in a row against Stephen, and it wasn't because he was playing poorly. In the final, however, Ronnie has looked mortal even if his opponent isn't taking advantage.

It's doubly annoying because it was always likely that Stephen could have beaten either of the other two semi-finalists to win his eighth world title.

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