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Now the drapes are drawn and the lights are out

If you'll find this post interesting, you probably already know this, but Sparks are playing their entire back catalogue in a series of 'one album at a time' concerts in London.

Annoyingly, by the time I heard about it, the timeless classic Kimono My Way had sold out so I missed it again (they did it as part of the Royal Festival Hall's 'Meltdown' a couple of years ago), but amazingly Plagiarism (effectively the greatest hits reworked) and Lil' Beethoven (which formed the second half of the Meltdown show and demonstrates that over thirty years on, their talent is an incredible asset) are still available.

Had I not had various other commitments (and heard about it early enough) I'd have been very tempted to see the lot (there was a discounted 'golden ticket' option to do that). But - delightfully - there's a live stream of the concerts here. No.1 In Heaven starts in about ten minutes...

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