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Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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To the tune of 'Dedicated Follower of Fashion'
mini me + poo

Asylum seekers here, asylum seekers there
In Throckmorton, and who knows where
Their story's been splashed all over this week's Daily Mail
In which they're designated foreigners for bashing

They'll rob our homes, they'll nick our jobs
Though paradox-ically we think they're slobs
And the local lads will hang around in Union Jack t-shirts
Looking for anybody swarthy with a 'tache on.

Oh yes they will, oh yes they will,
And we don't believe their tales of persecution
We'll stick them in an old air base at thirty to a room
With just a desicated matress there to crash on

They come from near, they come from far
Hanging from planes and Eurostars
They're bogus and they're scroungers,
Look for god's sake, man - they're brown
And we're all educated swallowers of fascism.

by Mitch Benn

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Now Show kicks some proverbial bottom, it's true :o)

Though that final line's a direct rip-off of a Billy Bragg song (which in turn probably lifted it from something before my time!?)

It could be original Bragg - it doesn't scan nearly as well as the final lines of the other verses...

Meow, but I've suffered for his art.

Thinking about it the Bragg is "you're a dedicated swallower of facism" which scans a lot better to the line it's parodying.

You're just so naughty, I'm considering spanking you!

What do I have to do?!? Type in some more copyright lyrics? :)

Depends whether they'd make me smile, wince or tut casting eyes upwards to the ceiling...give it a go! who knows ;)

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