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What made me particularly appreciate the Mitch Benn song is not just my loathing of the Mail's racism, but also that one of Lisa's brothers lives in Newton, one of the proposed sites, with his wife and kids.

A tiny development based on the married quarters accommodation for the old RAF base, it's not racism or NIMBYism that's driving the opposition there, it's common sense. Sticking 300-odd asylum seekers in the middle of nowhere, somewhere that doesn't have any of the facilities you'd expect in a village, never mind a city, is madness.

Doing the washing up, it occured to me that the solution is obvious - house the refugees in the palaces made vacant by the death of the Queen Mother!

Refugees could have the choice of an inner city or large estate. It avoids the scandal of tax payers coughing up £5 million to 'renovate' Clarence House for Prince Charles to live there - just how much damage can a 100 year old woman to do a palace? And it's not as if the Royal Family are exactly homeless or unaware of the plight of being political refugees... they should jump at the chance to help in this way.

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