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It not a joke!!! It is the truth!!!

Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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Bindel's defence
mini me + poo
I'm not sure where she published it, but Julie Bindel has put out a statement saying, amongst other things, that "The 2004 [Guardian Weekend 'Gender Benders Beware'] article was the only time I used what could be termed offensive language and sentiment against transsexual people".

How true is that?

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Depends what you mean by 'sentiment' - she's stopped using misjudged humour and sarcasm, but hasn't changed her fundamental belief that hormonal and surgical options should be unavailable, and that the desire to live in a gender you weren't assigned at birth is a pathology. I find that a sucky sentiment.

She's using much more moderate language, which is both welcome and weasly, I think - she's trying to get trans people off her back ('obviously it's terrible if people are mean to you, you experience horrid discrimination') while not actually changing her stance ('...but you don't actually exist, and you're a product and a perpetuation of homophobia').

That was in the 'Heckler's' debate on radio 4, and the article she wrote for the Guardian about it, by the way.

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