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It not a joke!!! It is the truth!!!

Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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Assorted computer stuff
mini me + poo
Is there an easy way to get 'all the security updates since...' from microsoft.com? (In particular 'since that service pack'?) It's looking like the choice is downloading them individually or letting Windows Update do it separately for each PC.

Does anyone want a small (about half the size of a normal ATX case) PC? It's about seven years old, Cyrix III 500 MHz CPU (so not quick), 192MB RAM, 30ish (might be 20 or 40) GB hard drive, CD writer. Integrated graphics slow things a bit further, and although there's a spare PCI slot, I can't find a faster free graphics card that will fit (the PSU means only a 2/3 height card will fit!) It's currently got TinyMe Linux on it, a rather nice distribution for small spaces / slower PCs.

Possibly available 'soon' is a 1GHz PIII (equivalent to a 2GHz P4, thank you Intel marketing department) Compaq desktop. It currently has 512MB RAM and 20GB hard drive, CD writer, Nvidia TNT2 graphics card. (Unfortunately, its PSU is a bit weedy so it can't cope with the extra current even by the next item, even though that's not much). Currently has Ubuntu on it.

AGP Nvidia Ti4200 graphics card - in its day, this was the card with the best performance/price ratio. It's obviously not now, but I was amused to see it's got better 3D performance than the Nvidia 6150 integrated graphics in this PC. If the game you're looking at came with DirectX 7, it'll be fine, later than that, it depends... "Half-Life rather than Half-Life 2," I think I said the last time this was offered.

Panasonic KX-P6100 laser printer. Windows only, parallel port, the prints were a bit grubby when last used, but a clean may fix that.

Alcatel Speedtouch ADSL modem. Left behind after a Homechoice upgrade some years ago...

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I know its a long shot but does the ADSL modem have RJ45 output? I recently bought a very nice router only to find out its not got an intergrated modem, just an RJ45 port with "to modem" written below it. I could buy an RJ45 modem but they tend to be so advanced they largely replicate all the functions of a router minus the wireless networking and the network hub functionality.

Edited at 2008-11-17 11:22 am (UTC)

Yes, this doesn't know what USB is :)

It also has a serial port which may be necessary to set it up - Homechoice's settings may not be what you want, for example.

I'll see what it would cost to post.

Awesome! Re-configuring might be fun as I can't even remember if my PC has a serial port, its been that long since I needed know. But I am sure I can find something to connect it to if only to determine its IP address or give it a new one. If you let me know postage I can see about getting some money and address details to you.

Thankyou in advance.

In the Windows NT days there was the 'corporate windows update' sub-site of the microsoft.com site.


I'm not sure how it works these days, but I'm sure you can figure it out.

Redirects you to the ordinary boring site, alas.

WSUS. Easiest the least hassle way if you have plenty of free bandwidth. You really don't want to apply each patch individually - I've done it and it takes hours.

Alternatively, if you're probably running XP - apply SP3 to everything. There won't have been that many patches since its release.

Alas, this is XP x64, which doesn't seem to have had a SP3 and its SP2 was in February 2007.

Windows XP x64 is better thought of as a cut down Windows Server 2003, because that's basically what it is. As such SP2 for Windows Server 2003 is still the latest servicepack for it.

I would definitely recommend WSUS, incidentally, especially after a xmas day spend doing the multi-hour patching of an XP machine. A VM can always be used if an existing machine needs to be left unsullied.

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