Ian (lovingboth) wrote,

Assorted computer stuff

Is there an easy way to get 'all the security updates since...' from microsoft.com? (In particular 'since that service pack'?) It's looking like the choice is downloading them individually or letting Windows Update do it separately for each PC.

Does anyone want a small (about half the size of a normal ATX case) PC? It's about seven years old, Cyrix III 500 MHz CPU (so not quick), 192MB RAM, 30ish (might be 20 or 40) GB hard drive, CD writer. Integrated graphics slow things a bit further, and although there's a spare PCI slot, I can't find a faster free graphics card that will fit (the PSU means only a 2/3 height card will fit!) It's currently got TinyMe Linux on it, a rather nice distribution for small spaces / slower PCs.

Possibly available 'soon' is a 1GHz PIII (equivalent to a 2GHz P4, thank you Intel marketing department) Compaq desktop. It currently has 512MB RAM and 20GB hard drive, CD writer, Nvidia TNT2 graphics card. (Unfortunately, its PSU is a bit weedy so it can't cope with the extra current even by the next item, even though that's not much). Currently has Ubuntu on it.

AGP Nvidia Ti4200 graphics card - in its day, this was the card with the best performance/price ratio. It's obviously not now, but I was amused to see it's got better 3D performance than the Nvidia 6150 integrated graphics in this PC. If the game you're looking at came with DirectX 7, it'll be fine, later than that, it depends... "Half-Life rather than Half-Life 2," I think I said the last time this was offered.

Panasonic KX-P6100 laser printer. Windows only, parallel port, the prints were a bit grubby when last used, but a clean may fix that.

Alcatel Speedtouch ADSL modem. Left behind after a Homechoice upgrade some years ago...

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