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Let's start again #2

Hello lovely people. Here are some questions which I think are reasonable regarding BiCon 2001. I'd like to hear people's answers to them.

#1 Do you think that paying £2,200 to rent the accommodation for Monday night was the correct decision?

#2 (If you are a 2001 team member...) What alternatives were considered?

#3 Do you think that concealing this from everyone at the time was the correct decision?

#4 I have suggested that those of us - I'm one of them - who paid to stay elsewhere on the Monday night deserve at least an apology. Do you agree?

#5 Do you think that paying the full cost of the flight and other expenses for someone from Australia was a reasonable decision?

#6 (If you are a 2001 team member...) What financial planning was done that persuaded the team that it was affordable?

#7 What should 2002 and subsequent years do to avoid a similar situation in future?
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