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It not a joke!!! It is the truth!!!

Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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Two items on this morning's Today Programme: one amusingly awful and one awful?
mini me + poo
The first was hearing Harriet Harman attempt to say that if MPs' dubious expenses claims were paid, it was the fault of the House of Commons' Fees Office as they made the final decision. Yeah. The electorate in several seats in particular will buy that. They've bought an awful lot of stuff already, of course.

The other was a mention in, I think, the business section, that the Carphone Warehouse has bought Tiscali's UK phone and internet business. Erm, that includes me, that does.

Just how afraid should I be?

And at what point can they change things without being me able to leave? We're still in the minimum contract period for the Tiscali phone service, for example.

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I don't think they can change your contract before it ends. They're bound by it as much as you, aren't they?

(When NTL bought Diamond Cable we kept the same TV contract for years, until they released broadband.)

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