Ian (lovingboth) wrote,

Trains: Bicon to London

At the moment, it looks like the best option is to go from Worcester to Birmingham New Street, and from there to London Euston.

The former is £6.40 on an 'Anytime' fare (usable on any train, no limits on numbers sold), the latter is an 'Advance' fare (specific train, limited) 'from' £5, typically £7 or £9.50 at the moment (these will rise as the cheapest seats sell out).

This compares to a low of £17.40 trying it on one ticket (involving two changes as well) and more typically £35 or £43.

Unless you know better, and tell me in the next few minutes, I'm about to book on the 18.50 from Birmingham New Street, which should be easily gettable from the 17.28 from Worcester Foregate Street (the National Rail site is suggesting the 18.30 as 'the' train to London in that case, but I want a bit more margin on a Sunday and it's also a bit cheaper...)

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