Ian (lovingboth) wrote,

Argh, fucking argh

For the past couple of days, my PC has been rebooting itself after a few minutes, regardless of what's going on. In fact, usually nothing has been - it was only yesterday that I was in the room when it happened. 'Poof' reboot.

I wondered if it was Windows being itself again (please, Adobe, port your products to Linux) so I tried booting into DOS. About five minutes later, 'poof' reboot. So not Windows.

And it's been getting worse. At the moment, it won't even boot properly. You just get a pityful beep or two.

OK, let's go to the library to look up BIOS beep codes. Get the Brain so I can make notes.

Ah, 'please replace main batteries'. Well, it has been saying they're low, so find some new ones. Normally, I'd do a backup of the Brain's contents, but since the PC's down, that's not an option.

Open the hinge, remove old batteries, put in new ones, turn on.


"What do you fucking mean, beep?!? Beep is what you do when there's been a cold reset, you little bastard!"

And indeed, there had been, losing all the contents of the internal RAM drive.

Why? Because the backup battery needed replacing. And why didn't the sodding thing tell me this before asking for the main batteries to be taken out, leaving the contents of the memory solely dependant on the backup battery? Answers on a postcard, please, to The Bastard Programmers @psion.co.uk

Oh, since it's an Award BIOS, you don't apparently don't even get useful error beeps. What's probably happening is that the reboots are now happening a second or two after the previous one: start bootup, beep that it's ok, reboot, beep that...

Hmm. Power supply? I may be gone for some time.

At least I can remember my LJ password, all the others are - were - on the Brain. And the most recent (though not as recent as it should be, blush) backup of the Brain is on the PC.

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