Ian (lovingboth) wrote,

lazyweb - probably three lines of PHP

sux0r looks ideal for what I want to do with some RSS feeds. Unfortunately, it has a limit on the length of URLs of 255 characters (source as supplied) or 360ish (due to a limit on the size of MySQL database keys) and some of the URLs are longer than this.

I have tried setting up shorter URLs with two 'tiny url' services, but they use a 301 'permanent redirect' (i.e. they say 'that URL has changed - please always use this one in future') and it looks like being faced with the longer URL in this way this upsets sux0r too. Ditto temporary redirects done via my webserver.

So because I am running out of options, please forgive me for asking for something I know is really simple when I say...

... what's a php script to take the output from one URL and chuck it at the requesting browser?

The idea is to have http://example.com/rss-01.php give the same output as http://sodding-long-url-that-goes-on-forever... (and that URL can be hard-coded)

Edit: sorted. It would help if I gave it the url of the rss feed, not the general page, cough :)

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