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Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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There's never an archeologist around when you need one
mini me + poo
I am in the middle of moving some games around in the bedroom. Taking the opportunity to stroke some of them lovingly, I opened my copy of Civ (first Hartland Trefoil printing, plus the even rarer western expansion map and extra trade cards).

It's been a while since I have played this copy - although you can play it with fewer, it's not easy finding six other people who want to devote a nine-ish hour sitting to play it to completion, and such people tend to have their own copies - so some of the rubber bands used to keep the decks together had deteriorated. Let me bag them instead...

... hang on, there are only five sets of counters. There should be seven!

WTF has happened to (quick check) blue and grey? Unlike the more common Avalon Hill / Gibson / etc editions, which have counters printed with some symbol, these are just shapes (circles / squares / 'boat') so replacing them may not be an enormous hassle, but still WTF?

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Ah. I recently bought new versions of my old f.e Talisman and others, to save them.
Aren't we sad?

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