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It not a joke!!! It is the truth!!!

Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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Wailing and GNASHing of teeth
mini me + poo
1. Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. Don't. What this should be called is 'Alice in Underland - a much inferior sequel'. If you must, then miss the first fifteen minutes which is so blatantly setting up 'but they look like..' it's embarrassing. Better still, wait (not that long) for the DVD (as the 3D adds very, very little) and skip it then. That way for the rest of the film, you can skip to the next scene with the Red Queen.

Inside a flashback towards the end is about 30 seconds of what this could have been (much better, basically, by not trying to completely redo the original material). Hint to anyone else who wants to try: there's a reason the originals are still read and loved, and your attempt will be forgotten in a couple of years.

2. The author of the very wonderful get_iplayer script (which says, 'hello, BBC iPlayer, treat me like an iPhone' and thus enables you to download stuff to listen to and watch rather than attempt to stream it with all the pauses and stuttering should you not have an uberfast link) has decided, given the BBC's willingness to do whatever DRM-pusher they're talking to this week, to stop developing it. All this will mean is that more people go to the ripped-from-digital-TV torrents instead.

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I'll wait for TV. I didn't see Willy Wonka until I caught it half an hour in on TV one day, and I'm glad I did. Lord that was dull.

That is currently one of JA(8)'s favourites, sadly. Compared to the Gene Wilder one, it adds an entirely unnecessary back-story and is nicer - you see the naughty kids survived their fates, for example.

Two of the mistakes of this film in fact.

Is the author of the get_iplayer script amenable to other people taking it on and continuing development?

Yes, and it was also under GPL v3 to enable people to do so.

I've got version 2.75, which was either the latest or not far off. Annoyingly, my 'update it' script will have deleted the .deb package, but dpkg will still know which files it owned.

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