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It not a joke!!! It is the truth!!!

Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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But I want to
mini me + poo
Obviously, I run Adblock Plus on Firefox. Today, I cannot see comments on Guardian stories (yes, I know, 'never read the comments'...)

Are these two related? The things blocked by ABP look to be just their usual ad scripts, but the ABP blocklist has been updated since I could last see the comments.

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Hmm, comments visible with Ubuntu FF+ABP, but not Windows FF+ABP when I use WINE.

Hmmm, still happening with the latest Windows FF and latest WINE. Interestingly, I can see the comments on old stories - let me try some cache emptying... ah, now I can see them on the new ones.

But if I enlarge the text on the Guardian front page, everything between the header graphics and 'breaking news' at the top and the 'Guardian offers' at the bottom becomes one column on the right with some text lost, so something odd is still going on.

Now (21:24) Guardian front page zooms OK with FF 3.58 + ABP 1.1.1 on Karmic. FWIW Bartab has just updated.

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