Ian (lovingboth) wrote,

Some offers you can refuse

Tonight, I am off to see the all male 'Pirates of Penzance' which I did not get around to booking in time when it was at the Union Theatre. It's now at Wilton's Music Hall, near Tower Bridge. I was reminded of this by an offer in the Metro (quote 'Metro Offer' at the box office for a discount). Obviously, I said yes to that offer.

Beneath it was an offer from a bookmaker: a £10 bet on Andy Murray winning two grand slam tournaments in 2010 gets £110 back.

Where do I start on why I said 'no' to that? Well, that translates as 10-1 odds (they're including the return of the winning bet in the £110) rather than 11-1. There has already been one grand slam (the Australian) in 2010, and while he got to the final, he lost. So they're offering 10-1 against him winning two of the remaining three. I think the Australian was only his second grand slam final (the first being the US Open a year or so back) and he's not got close to winning either of them. The next one is the French, and his chances of winning that are almost nil as his record on clay is poor compared to the other surfaces.

If anyone wants 11-1 against him winning two this year, I'm happy to take the bet :)

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