Ian (lovingboth) wrote,

The theatre didn't burn down this time

With everyone else off doing ukulele on Friday, what did I want to do? Hmm, well, I've never seen Henry VIII, one of Shakespeare's 'with someone else' plays. It's on that evening at the Globe and the weather forecast looks ok.

On Thursday, I check there are plenty of groundling / yard / standing £5 tickets available - given which play it is, that wasn't surprising - check again on Friday afternoon, and decide to just get a ticket on the door (something may come up and the Globe don't do refunds!)

En route to said door, it starts to look like rain and on arrival, it turns out that they've sold out of yard tickets... but there are some seats at the side for £15. OK, give me one of those. They actually charge me £5 for it too :) I go in, have a quick test of sitting down - I haven't sat at the Globe since its first year - and go off to rent a cushion for £1.

The reputation of the play itself has suffered in comparison to the greats. It is rather better than I expected though, and it is also an opportunity to show off the Globe's Tudor costume collection. If you see it and buy the programme, is the puppet supposed to be Mary?

Going did remind me that Macbeth closes next month. On checking, all the evening performances are completely sold out, but fortunately for those of us not in work, the afternoon performances still have some yard tickets (and typically a very small handful of seats) left. Wednesdays are particularly good for me, so I've bought tickets for the 16th and 23rd on the grounds that it probably won't rain on both afternoons...

I've also booked for the three remaining 'Read not dead' staged readings of other plays from the era. As I've said before, these are often surprisingly good and typically your only chance to see them anywhere.

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