Ian (lovingboth) wrote,

Still, we could be French

I expected the England-USA game to be a draw. First game, against a team many of whom play in England, bound to be well organised... see the series of tournament draws against Ireland for the likely result!

But France's performance tonight was awful. They have a habit of either not turning up to tournaments or over-performing in them, and it is clear that it's the former this time. The BBC commentator's line about more of them wanting to come off than to go on was spot on.

When they went behind to a beautiful example of how to beat a half-hearted offside trap and desperately needed a goal, rather than warming up, Henry looked to have decided that if he wrapped up and pretended he wasn't even on the sub's bench, no-one could blame him for the result.

I hope they lose to South Africa.

So far, it looks like the semi-finalists will be Brazil, Germany, Argentina and one other.

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