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It not a joke!!! It is the truth!!!

Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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Some 'If I were on twitter, these would be tweets' thoughts
mini me + poo
World Cup: maybe I should have bet on the Netherlands winning the World Cup before this afternoon's game :) It's probably not worth it now - their odds are going to have halved...

Come back analog TV: the picture on this hotel Freeview TV for today's other quarter final has loads of mpeg artefacts. Do other people notice these?

Tennis: you could tell who'd won a grand slam tournament already and who hadn't.

Opera: the ENO season is finishing soon, so there are only a couple of chances to see each of these. Their production of Pearl Fishers (the Bizet opera that isn't Carmen) is very good: beautiful and delightfully sung. I particularly liked the end, where the cost of the big decision is shown. Similarly, the Tosca is well worth seeing even if I miss the heroine falling from above the top of the stage from their previous production. I'm seeing the rarely performed Mozart's last performance, but apparently that's good too.

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I held off seeing the Pearl Fishers - you think it's worth it? The reviews were kind of negative.

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