Ian (lovingboth) wrote,

Now my sniping service has got me one off eBay, I can ask..

.. why did none of you tell me about the O2 Joggler earlier?

If you're asking, 'What?', they're small touchscreen tablet computers, ethernet / wifi, with firmware that has a variety of internet programs, but critically no browser.

O2 introduced them at £150, and people turned their noises up. Then they dropped to £99.99, and at some point someone discovered that you could run Ubuntu Linux on them amongst other things.

Then they dropped to fifty quid and, shock, O2 doesn't have any more - the O2 shop doesn't even acknowledge there is such a thing now.

And it's this point that I hear about it courtesy of tanais! So it's been off to eBay where, shock, there are quite a few at more than £50. Fortunately, if you set a sniping service at them, you can eventually get one for not much more.

There are some downsides (no batteries, mains only) but for the hardware, it's sounds like a complete bargain. I'll let you know how I get on when it arrives.

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