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It not a joke!!! It is the truth!!!

Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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Tube (or mass transit system of choice) behaviour poll
mini me + poo
You're on a crowded tube train, carrying heavy bag and, optionally, a baby in a sling. The train arrives at your stop, and you clearly start to get off.

However, a woman on the platform, busy talking into a mobile phone, starts to push her way onto the train.

Poll #40478 Tube behaviour

What do you do?

Smile and let her on - she must be in a hurry
Remind her the station assistant just said 'let people off the train first'
Push her backwards with your hand
Jump off the train, making sure your heel lands on her toes
Say 'sorry' when doing the above
Add 'but not very' loud enough for the person who saw you do it

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what on earth prompted this?

A journey on Thursday.

The District line had just restarted after failing over ('trespasser on the track' over five miles away) so the train was absolutely packed, but she had to start pushing on rather than wait for about ten people to get off.

Quite amazingly stupid, particularly as if you have a sling on, not only do you risk having baby crushed but it is usually difficult to see where your feet are going, and there is a risk at some stations that you'll end up in the famous 'gap'. Fortunately(?) the bit of platform I could see included the toes of her trailing foot...

... and the person also getting off behind me laughed when she heard the 'not very'.

Normally, I am more polite than this, honest.

(Deleted comment)
Normally, yes.

But sometimes, just sometimes...

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