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Never be the first kid on the IT block..

Yesterday was the release date for Ubuntu 10.10, so of course I had to upgrade. Being slightly sensible (see title) I did the notebooks before even considering the PCs. (The main one of which is running Mint anyway, which won't track the Ubuntu release for a couple of weeks.)

It went wrogn on both of them. On 'white' (Eee901) some - but only some - of the program titles on their new netbook menu are aligned vertically!?

More seriously on black (Eee900) it's broken the package database somehow. Every attempt to install, remove or upgrade ('sudo apt-get update' works) fails..

Edit: booting 'black' with the very useful Puppeee and testing its ssd with fsck reveals that it has some bad sectors, grr, and one packages' filelist was on one of them. Annoyingly, it's a couple of months out of warranty. Still no idea what's up with 'white' menu though.

I'm still amazed that this will end up as the only hit on Google for 'failed to read on buffer copy for files list'!

There are some plus points to 10.10: several programs now actually fit on the screen, which they didn't before. I still wish they'd ditch Evolution though... and I'm not convinced by the new launcher.

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