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I'm reviewing the situation..

Shiny currently has a GiffGaff sim, but their free data deal ends on 1st December 28th February. Unlike all the other deadlines for finishing this offer - I first started writing this in October :) - it looks like this one won't be extended.

What to do then?

a) stick with them. £10 a month PAYG gets 100 mins, texts, plus unlimited net. But the data speed is not that great (L has Shiny-lite, i.e. a Wildfire, on Virgin, i.e. t-mobile's network, and gets faster connections)

b) go for 3's £5 a month data deal (no longer available). 3's £10 a month rolling deal gets 100 mins, 3,000 texts (both far more than I'd use) and 1G net. But it's 3 and their coverage is patchy. If I committed to 12 months (unlikely) I could have 300 mins.

c) go for Tesco's £10 a month. More minutes, but it's Tesco and their 'unlimited' lie is actually 500G.

d) go for T-Mobile £10.21 a month rolling. 100 mins, 100 texts, lots of internet (500M cap on streaming video, which I rarely do, uploading and downloading files, unlimited browsing / email)

e) Anyone else?

No good: Orange (£20.42 for their cheapest sim-only monthly with internet, then only 500M?! or £10 a month PAYG for just 100M). O2 even worse. Virgin £15.32, 30 day rolling contract, 500 minutes, 1G internet.

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